The Most Satisfying Sex Position Women

Posted by Opang tv on June 4, 2011

Sexuality - Many are asking, where is the real position which brings the most satisfaction in having sex? This is a general question, actually all sexual position in order to bring the maximum sexual gratification for the perpetrators.


The position where the most satisfying, it all depends on you to do it.
Many men who prefer their partner is above, however, most women prefer to be under. They said to lie in bed more relaxed and free look at the man she loved, too kenimatan introduction. Moreover, without much effort (energy out), sexual satisfaction can be achieved.
For the women, if the position below, make them:
Can freely look at her partner. Women also can see facial expressions partner, and feel very loved when the expression is reached.
Giving a sense of feminine and erotic, with a loose hair on the pillow.
This position is aesthetically very beautiful, because women do not need to feel ashamed of her body (because ketutupan partner's body).
Some women say that the position below to make them easier to reach orgasm because they find it more enjoyable.
Other variations in order to find sexual satisfaction. For example in this missionary position, women can put 1 or 2 pillows under her hips, leaning pelvis for deeper penetration, it will feel a pleasure of another.
Also can with both legs stretched wider, circling the waist or shoulder partner.
Another position is the position of holding a bow, this is a specific position which is very easy to do, this position has a special feature of the movement, namely, support a woman's body, right leg raised and left leg straight, thighs wide open a little for the man to penetrate above.
If the woman is fit, may also try other variations. By pulling your knees toward your chest, then spread in such a way until the man could be among them. With the position of the calf is on the back of the man, your thighs hold her body, with this position of advantage to give you the flexibility to control the game, holding the weight of the body of the male, orgasm will be more easily achieved.
However, you need to consider is, however its position, the key game is the flow of adrenaline. That is, if you feel the pulse quickening, sweat started to come out, and adrenali flowing more profusely, then sex will satisfy you. When couples find that sex is only routine, whatever position will not be able to satisfy. So keep that adrenaline rush to tell your mind calm.
In addition, during sex is not actually nailed because in the end will be determined by the circumstances and conditions, situations and conditions which will generate proper warm romanticism, to take you to the peak of orgasm.

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